This blog is a combination of many things i've been wanting to do for a while:

- A repository and distillation of all my thoughts (some crazy, and others less so) in an easily referenceable place that i could reliably go back to whenever i needed.

- All my life learnings in one spot, front and center, so i don't forget them and have to learn them over and over again by making the same mistake more than once

- A way for me develop a coherent and ordered way of imparting all the wisdom i've accrued during my lifetime to my children, so they could gain the benefit of these lessons without having to make the mistakes i had to learn them

For as long as i can remember my mind has always been going at full tilt, with no off switch or slower gear. I've made many attempts to solve this, what i perceived as a flaw in my being. From meditation and relaxation techniques to drugs & alcohol, but despite my best efforts and unwavering persistence nothing ever seemed to make a difference. I've finally come to appreciate that this is the way i am,  and that some people are just wired differently. Some people are naturally good at being still, in mind, body or both... or like me neither.

So instead of seeing this as a weakness i can now see it as a strength, and this blog is all about putting that to good use. An ongoing brain dump of my consciousness, and the learning process that comes from writing my thoughts down, shuffling them about, mixing them up some more, sifting through and sorting them, then organising them into logical articles and categories and putting them on display for communal critique, improvement & mutual benefit.

I hope you enjoy reading these pages as much as i enjoy the cathartic nature of writing them